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Self-Training Therapy for Anorgasmia in Women

by S. Shahin, M.D. 

This program provides a simple program for enhancing sexual awareness by presenting the latest developments in sex therapy in an easy to follow step-by-step form. The success rate of this program for learning how to climax is 90%, and follow-up of women who have undergone this treatment show an increase in self esteem, better communication with their partners, and an enhanced overall enjoyment of life. Even the 10% of women who did not achieve orgasm did enjoy more closeness and sensuality of sex, and no longer felt the pressure to “perform”.  

The treatment of anorgasmia is based on altering learned feelings about sex, and developing a relaxed attitude in a sensuous, nondemanding environment. This begins with a de-emphasis on achieving orgasm, and an emphasis on arousal. When aroused, it is much easier to have an orgasm, but you must be freed of the pressure to perform and produce an orgasm.  

The first lessons are to be done alone. It is important that you find a time when you are alone without the threat of discovery, or other distractions. Allow one hour for each lesson, and do not do more than one lesson a day. Remember, you are learning patience and relaxation, not doing a chore that needs to be hurried along.  

Anorgasmia Self Help Guide
By S. Shahin, MD.
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